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Ailiniel (Darkaan)
Lenlaile (Gwentue)
Guild Leader
Guild News

Steady Growth!

Zyon, Jan 4, 12 11:28 AM.
Over 30 members and growing! Fate is well on its way to becoming a tight knit group ready to conquer the universe!

Fate Kicks Off!

Zyon, Dec 16, 11 10:35 AM.
On Tuesday 12/13/11 Fate Offically became an active guild in SWTOR! Campus was the first person online! Other members have started to trickle in as Bioware has been authorizing early access in waves. We've even managed to pick up a member or 2 here and there just by grouping!

Things are looking promising. The game seems to be functioning well, and everyone is excited to be playing. Fate already has the fun atmosphere we were accustomed too in our previous MMO. We are off to a good start, and it only gets better from here.

Game Launch Right Around the Corner!

Zyon, Dec 8, 11 9:33 AM.
Early Access only a few days away! Get ready for battle! Open recruitment still active join now before it ends!

Membership Increases Slowly But Surely!

Zyon, Nov 15, 11 10:10 PM.
Over a dozen members are growing!


Zyon, Sep 13, 11 1:58 PM.
Fate is currently recruiting all classes for launch on SWTOR.

Due to Server Transfers and the upcoming Server Mergers, Fate is no longer active although it still exsists on Grand Master Zym.

Thank you all for a Wonderful and Fun first several months.

Free Transfers are to The Shadowlands Server.
Fate is on the Grand Master Zym Server!


Apply Now! Click "Join Fate" at the top of the page. Once that process is complete please submit a brief Application in our Forums section under the "Applications" thread! If you contact us from in game first the application requirement is waived until open recruitment ends.

Note: Former EQ Fate members are NOT requried to post an application. Simply "Join Fate" at the top of the page, then contact an Officer for invite!

                                                        About Fate

"Fate" for SWTOR was founded by a group of friends who played Everquest together in a guild of the same name. Almost from the begining it was a top raiding guild on its EQ server until the economy and other real life changes forced a core amount of raiders to retire. Since that time, several of us have moved from game to game in anticipation of the release of SWTOR. So a handful of the founding members of EQ's Fate have come back together to strive for greatness again, and forming a SWTOR guild named Fate seemed to be the right place to start.

Conduct: The Golden Rule applies + Common sense. We want our guild to have a fun atmosphere.

Structure: Officer Corps appropriate for the size of the guild, with Officers having specific roles to fill, among standard Officer duties. Members comments and opinions always taken into account before decisions are made by the Officers for the guild.

Size: Currently there is no size limit on the amount of players for our guild. That may be addressed at a later time depending on guild growth.

Game Focus: Our primary focus will be PvE, but there is also some interest in RP, and PvP which won't be discounted, and will be addressed as the guild grows.

Raiding: As mentioned our focus will be PvE, which means raiding. Subject to change, the initial plan is to have 3-4 scheduled raid days once enough members are in the position to do so. The amount of time each day will depend on game mechanics. We are currently thinking 4 hours as a starting point, which may or may not be changed. This day/timeframe gives people the chance to enjoy the game, and not have to constantly be concerned with raiding every minute they are online.

Loot System: A standard DKP based loot system. It has been our experience that this kind of system is as close to fair as possible. Rewarding time spent raiding/participating as opposed to having a few people decide who gets what, taking favoritism and mistrust out of the picture. No raid loot system is 100% perfect.

Classes Needed: At this time all dark side classes are open for recruitment. Age 18+ preferred, but not required. Game chat will not be restricted unless common sense dictates otherwise.

Rules: Our guild rules will generally be common sense. Our guild will not be overly rule heavy.

Questions? Send an Officer a PM or contact one of us in Game!

Thank you for your consideration,

Zyon - Guild Leader

Recruiting Needs
Bounty Hunter - MercenaryN/A
Bounty Hunter - PowertechN/A
Imperial Agent - OperativeN/A
Imperial Agent - SniperN/A
Sith Inquisitor - AssassinN/A
Sith Inquisitor - SorcererN/A
Sith Warrior - JuggernautN/A
Sith Warrior - MaruaderN/A
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